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On Friday 14 March 2008, Sal. Oppenheim will hold
at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan.

From 9:00am to 5:30pm, the registered companies are available in 12 separate meeting rooms of the hotel’s business area for meetings with investors. No plenary session will be scheduled but only one-on-ones and group meetings of 60 minutes each to be conducted parallel to each other.

Given the impressive number of participating corporates at this event, which is taking place for the third time, and due the fully booked capacity of the business area meeting rooms, we do not guarantee enterprises a minimum number of one-on-one slots.

Sal.Oppenheim is carefully following the impressive development of the Arab States within the Gulf Cooperation Council and is delighted to introduce Mr. Keba Keinde, CEO of Millennium Finance Corporation, as Key Note Speaker for the region. In this regard Sal.Oppenheim and Millennium will work in close collaboration the near future.

In view of Sal. Oppenheim’s selected business activity in Greece since 2005, coupled with the extraordinary growth of the Greek economy, we look forward to hearing our keynote speaker, Mr. Manoli Varsos, CEO of Merit Securities, who will give a presentation about the Greek capital market.

The particular growth of the economy in the Middle East, due in part to the important contribution made by the Emirates, we have also invited Armen V. Papazian, Managing Director & Senior Vice President of the DIFX Dubai International Financial Exchange, as a further keynote speaker.

Business Wire is a Media Partner of the Event. All press releases of the Sal. Oppenheim Forum will be distributed full-text to news media, financial information services, internet portals and websites as well as investors and decision-makers throughout Europe and the US.

Key Speakers
Dr. Wolfgang Sawazki
Managing Director Research
Sal. Oppenheim
Alexandre Markarov
Managing Director
Millennium Finance Corp.
Armen V. Papazian, PhD
Managing Director
Senior Vice President

Emmanuel Varsos
President & CEO
Merit Securities

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